Sound Philanthropy is dedicated to thoughtful, intentional philanthropy that brings positive change to the world and personal satisfaction, happiness, and interconnectivity. Our clients enjoy one-on-one collaboration with Founder and Principal Advisor Sarah Hopper and connections to her extensive network of community and philanthropic thought leaders, charitable organizations, and local and national private and family foundation staff and Board members. With an aptitude for "match-making," Sarah discreetly introduces her inheritor, high net worth, and legacy family clients to each other, as well as to top-notch wealth advisors, estate planning attorneys, CPAs, and subject-matter experts.

Getting Started with Giving:

Philanthropy 101

Through one-on-one consultations and interactive exercises, Sarah creates a custom-tailored giving plan that identifies your philanthropic objectives and aligns with your lifestyle, time commitments, and personal values. She walks hand-in-hand with you as you experience your philanthropic journey, celebrating successes along the way.

  • Consultation

  • Analysis

  • Strategy 

  • High-touch


Identifying Opportunities:

Past Giving Analysis & Partnerships

Effective philanthropy can’t happen without partnerships. Sarah identifies and connects you to non-profits and organizations that match your areas of interest and reflect your values. She reviews past giving histories and provides analysis and new strategies to increase impact and reach. 

  • Review

  • Analysis

  • Partnerships


(Re)Launching a Family Foundation:

Family Philanthropy

Whether starting a new foundation or re-energizing an existing one, Sarah uses workshops, retreats, group meetings, and one-on-one relationship development to realize individual and group potential in creating a sustainable family legacy. Sarah guides and supports you through every step of launching or re-launching a family foundation, from governance and decision-making structure to grantmaking and succession plans.

  • High touch

  • Retreats

  • Strategy

  • Governance


Engaging the Next Generation:

Planning for Succession

Through fun, individualized workshops and one-on-one sessions with younger family members (ages 12-40), Sarah teaches the fundamental principles of philanthropy to the next generation using trainings, group discussions, site visits, guest speakers, and non-profit screening. (Age-appropriate activities for children 6+ are available.) Sarah nurtures relationships with each family member to ensure that individual and collective voices are heard in developing frameworks for governance, operations, succession, and strategic planning.

  • Youth workshops

  • Retreats

  • Site visits

  • Family dynamics


Governing for Tomorrow

Applying Philanthropy Skills to Family Business

Strengthened connections between generations, teamwork, and a sense of shared purpose are hallmarks of both effective family philanthropy and effective family governance. Sarah combines her expertise in governance, communication, and decision-making structures with her special ability to work with next generation groups (ages 12-40) to help you create a sustainable, inter-generational family business, office, or system.

  • Strategy

  • Governance

  • Operations

  • Succession plan