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About Us

Sound Philanthropy is a philanthropic advisory group dedicated to helping clients grow as thoughtful, intentional funders bringing positive change to the world. Our vision is to uplift humanity through compassionate giving. We make this happen by developing unique pathways for our clients, and curating experiences of personal satisfaction, joy, and connection.  


Collectively bringing more than 50 years of philanthropy and nonprofit experience to our client relationships, we work with foundations, individual philanthropists, couples, and multi-generational families, helping them to develop and implement giving plans, to grow through customized learning experiences, and to discover and cultivate meaningful partnerships with nonprofits, community leaders, other philanthropists, and professional advisors.  


Uplifting humanity through compassionate philanthropy. 


Sound Philanthropy partners with individuals, families and foundations to enhance their giving experience while maximizing meaningful impact, community partnerships, and joy.  

Core Values

Better Together

Be part of something bigger than ourselves through deeper relationships and connection to community. Cultivate a collective belonging. Focus on shared destiny.

Lead boldly

Have courage to create. Take risks. Use power for greater good. Affirm and amplify community wisdom. 

Healing Humanity

Bring equity and justice to the world. Use money as medicine to repair humanity and spread joy.   

Learning Stance

Be curious. Show up with an open heart. Listen. Be ready to learn and unlearn to bring positive change and healing for all.  

Move at the speed of trust

Approach trust-building with heart and integrity. Commit to the formula for trust: evidence over time.

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