Client case studies by Sarah Hopper,
Founder and Principal Advisor at Sound Philanthropy.
Morgan: Creating a New Philanthropist's Effective Giving Plan

When an unexpected wealth event left Morgan with a newfound capacity to give, she knew she was ready to embark on her own philanthropic journey. To succeed, she needed an introduction to the process of giving and a personalized giving plan.


The Duim Family Foundation: How to Leverage Family Talents


The Duim Family Foundation had a problem: no succession plan and no framework for how to develop one. And while the founding family members were still engaged in grantmaking, the younger generations felt uninspired, uninformed, and overwhelmed. 

Sarah & Craig: The Benefits of a Past Giving Analysis

Craig and Sarah were significant philanthropists who had become frustrated: they rarely enjoyed a process they found overly complicated and time consuming. They wanted to engage their adult children in a charitable legacy, but were unsure how.


The Grousemont Foundation: Engaging the Next Generation


The Grousemont Foundation wanted to engage the youngest generation of its founding family in every phase of the giving and grantmaking process while working collaboratively and bonding as siblings and cousins. Where should the family start?